August 09, 2006



Well, we've seen no end of fascinating jewels of underground / fringe epics, from classic 'firsts' to Nasty Nazis. From the colourful alchemy of Bava to the down right and dirty of Doris Wishman, from mind blowing giallo to cock sucking porno - nothing has been sacred... And it is only a mere peek at what's' out there for the viewing !!!!

Thank you for all your support over the year and putting up with 'silent' gaps in between.

I hope you have found my blog entertaining and stimulating but.....hang on a moment...I am lamenting....this is not right as a brand new Celluloid Teapot - style website has thrust itself forth from between the thighs of mistress blogspot.

My brand new site is titled 'The Fringe Fantasy Film Show' and will be just as groovy in content than the teapot.

The reviews will be, I hope, unless I get really carried away, more 'punchier', there will also be the use of 'linking' so you too can purchase the 'best' print at the best 'value'.

This will be down to my discretion but I am not working on commission, the customer service of the websites where such DVD delights can be obtained have sold their credibility alone.

Any recommended website for ordering such digital delicacies will fall into the following categories to warrant a link 1) Ease of use 2) The Waiting Game 3)The cock-up-o-meter.

There will not be a sudden deluge of lurid ads for 'cheap DVD's' as we have search engines for that, what I will mention at times is a reputable way of procuring the best sources and the greatest value for the customer.

So many people have asked 'Where can you get these?', now dear friends you shall know. On occasion, o.k, a large majority of the time you will need to send off to Europe and Stateside but with millitary encryption, paypal and a whole other 'host' of 'hack protection' software this should not worry you at all.

With banks also hot on the fraud side of things they'll soon be in touch if things seem 'odd' on the transaction front - take it from experience.

As fraud phoned me once and asked if I had recently purchased over £300 worth of computer equipment in Russia - I was most grateful for that call and the preventative measures taken place to avoid such bad doings from happening to the innocent.

So you too can now find a 'reputable' gateway into a land where these films are available for the taking in all their uncut glory. Damn British Censorship too hell !

I have enclosed a link to the new site which I sincerely hope you find just as thrilling .

So please pop along to and enjoy very muchly the new 'feel'. There's not much on it at the moment as I have been reviewing and deciding on where I can go with this and weigh up lessons learned from previous experience.

Never the less, the primary concern is for the visitor, making the visit a pleasurable, knowledgeable experience with a few 'thrills' thrown in for good measure.

I will look forward to your visits very much and if any of my articles inspire you to buy or rent the film featured then I would be over the moon, the best things in the world shouldn't be coveted but shared I feel whether ideas, food, fashion or film.

Big Love to all Fringe Film Fans and the wonderful companies who bother to release such joys that the mainstream distributors would not give the time of day.

Feels good to have the upperhand on the vacuous put-up-with-any-old-shit cinemagoer - poor , ignorant buggers. Imagine having 'Titanic' as your number one movie and be unaware of anything else except what vomits forth at the local Odeon multiplex- that must be awful. You have my sympathy for such limited experiences with what films truly have to offer.

In the interim build up your knowledge and wallow in some of the prime examples of exploitation, horror, fantasy and sci-fi within the realms of 'The Fringe Fantasy Film Show'.

Big Love to all Fringe Film Fans and the wonderful companies who bother to release such joys that the mainstream distributors would not give the time of day - this site and its new home is for you.

James x

Censorship, like charity, should begin at home, but unlike charity, it should end there.

- Clare Boothe Luce


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