June 27, 2006


“Past and present will no longer exist for you, you are going to serve a victorious cause for our third Reich and it will be a great honour for you to serve us……”

Shot back to back with S.S Camp 5 this seems the less brutal of the two but is the most notorious thanks to its U.K hiatus.

The lurid exploitation label ‘GO Video’ re-packaged the sleaze and dropped the ‘Love’ becoming notorious nasty ‘SS Experiment Camp’. It was alleged in some part of the country that a video store dressed mannequins in S.S uniforms where they loomed over scantily clad female mannequins sans clothing.

Sandwiched between the middle was the infamous video jacket featuring a crucified prisoner, breasts exposed hanging upside down whilst in the background we see concentration camp silhouette and in dominance of it all a nasty looking Nazi (he doesn’t show up in the film anywhere by the way. (Reggie Nalder (Mark of the Devil) would be my choice of casting for this phantom role-can you imagine even dear Ilsa would wobble in her goose step!!)

This pricelessly bad taste artwork complimented the other infamy ‘Cannibal Holocaust’ released at the similar time. With lurid window displays and large advert features in video trade magazines this had conservative ‘middle England’ (Daily Mail readers to you and I) frothing at the mouth. When England went through its’ darkest puritanical period in the mid 80’s with the VRA looming on the horizon this was prosecuted for obscenity and became an instant cult classic.

It is also of interest that when this was available ‘kind of’ legally in the u.k’s pre-VRA days it was a top 5 rental favourite.

What is noticeable is the print used by GO in the u.k VHS version features , a la S.S. Camp 5, credits played over real concentration camp pictures, this is not the case with the region 1 release which seems to use the original uncut original Italian source print. This is a minor note of interest and as I personally think this is a turgid piece of sensationalism doesn’t suffer for it any the less.

The print I had the joy to view is the Region 1 Exploitation Digital version – it is grade A, absolutely beautiful (thanks people!); whether this makes the content any more palatable is down to pure opinion.

Although tame to S.S. Camp 5 it doesn’t shy away from a few doses of ad nausea. One of the most gruelling, and surprisingly well filmed, sequences has the camp Sergeant (the bald-nasty-Nazi-chap again from camp 5) picking on a virgin. At a drunken orgy he targets her as she is quivering in the corner and makes her dance for him and his pissed entourage.

He then rapes her (off screen fortunately) and upon awakening finds her cherry popped. So disgusted she goes loco with a meat fork maiming the sergeant. She flees and gets wounded by gunfire. In its ‘iconic’ sequence she is then crucified upside down, where she is left to slowly bleed to death therefore providing illustrators and publicists of the film their ghoul-draw-in iconography.

This sadistic totem does provide a bit of a punch but is nowhere near as jaw droppingly executed as in ‘Cannibal Holocaust’ a few years later.

Good use of location is used with exterior shooting taking place at Mussolini Villa in Italy, apparently where the fat bastard used to go horse riding.

The contemporary dance cremations are again repeated and there seems to be a little more medical grossness on display; especially the goolie transplant which does the trick in making your legs cross. Yes we are aware its’ pigs sweetmeats but its’ the thought behind it – ‘slooowly – CUT HERE!’ (You’ll know what I mean if you watch the movie).

This movie was ‘allegedly’ to have been released recently and had been passed ‘18’ uncut by the BBFC in August 2005. There justification for its final release (source obtained via a newsgroup) was; Passed uncut when submitted in 2005 - The content of the film is in fact very mild and poorly executed. If anything, it was the title of the film and its original packaging that led to difficulties, rather than the content. The idea of the film may, of course, be offensive to some but that is not a good enough reason to cut or reject it. We would only cut or reject a film for adults if the content was illegal or harmful. SS Experiment Camp is neither illegal or harmful, just tasteless.

Despite this the Experiment Love Camp released in February 2006 was a soft core ‘Emanuelle’ porn vehicle ‘Love Camp’, so this remains in limbo at the moment. For once and to give credit where due the BBFC have summed up the movies in one paragraph and I repeat the most significant line ‘…..is neither illegal or harmful, just tasteless I am sure it could get a release soon with careful packaging not to offend minorities (YAWN!) and when it does I would be interested in seeing what opening credits would be used.

Out of the two I feel ‘S.S Camp 5’ is the bolder relation and infinitely more polished, this is still worth a viewing for its curiosity factor if anything else.

Oh and the way the women reacts to the eardrum experiment is a mere projection of my reaction to Country and Western and the Sunday top 40 (if that show still is still being flogged out??!!?) .

The Plot

In a squalid little cell we pan to a victim about to undergo a horrifying experiment. ‘Swear your allegiance to the Fuhrer’ is bellowed, ‘No’ wearies the reply. A nod and a wink to the bald-headed-nasty-Nazi and some vaults surge through our hyper hysterical actress.

The electrocution machine is the latest in Nazi torture chic and looks as though its been recycled from various scrap yard parts namely a metal bowl attached to a rusty coil. After several failed attempts the women is given a lethal injection. In the chair is popped another that undergoes the same after losing bladder control (I noticed this for the first time as my previous ‘SS Experiment Camp’ visit was a nth generation bootleg that seemed it had actually been filmed in WW2 and smuggled over by Partisans – in bits of course!, oh to be 16 again!), this made me ‘ugh’ a bit, the poor women is electrocuted in the same way and her screeches lead into the credits.

A truck pulls in to the Love Camp (another must for a traditional ‘Sadiconazista’) and the women are manhandled off the truck where they are told of their duties.

Amongst the women is the beautiful but dull Mirelle who, after a spot of forced prostitution, falls for Helmut a Nazi Officer. Not the most of romantic places but they say love blossoms in the oddest circumstances so here’s proof to the old chestnut.

At the laboratory works Dr. Steiner who under orders is performing ‘useless’ womb transplants. The Commandant of the camp has him by the short and curlies as Steiner is in fact Professor. Abraham - a Jewish scientist. The commandant has a problem – he has no testicles after they were ripped off when he violated a casualty of a blitzed city (serves the cunt right!).

After admiring ‘Helmut’s’ coital prowess with two con-camp cuties the commandant takes a sudden ‘shine’ to Helmut.

Amidst the sex and surgery the love affair blossoms even further between Helmut and Mirelle.

The commandant reveals that shortly there will be a change in the S.S Bordello hookers meaning Helmut would no longer be able to see his beloved Mirelle. Helmut is now desperate to spend as much time with his beloved at any price.

The Commandant has a plan to keep Helmut at the love camp longer if he’d help in an experiment vital to the third Reich. Fascistically brainwashed poor Helmut agrees, so desperate to be with Mirelle he willingly agrees to whatever it is - oblivious his balls are literally on the line.

With Steiner under the cosh that his true identity could be revealed he unwillingly performs the op. Got to hand it to the old boy who plays Steiner his last ‘guilt’ ridden moments aren’t half bad and because he looks like most kind old grandpas’ you can’t help feel sorry for the poor sod .

A night of passion is clandestinely planned with Mirelle after the operation has taken place, Helmut unaware things aren’t swinging where they should be on a man. To Helmut’s eventual horror no loins are stirring and he finds he is well and truly de-bollocked.

He goes ball (sorry!)istic and for the next 20 minutes causes a bloodbath at the Love Camp where all get their just desserts.

Most Outstanding Moments

There are some laughable effects on display where a non-cooperative prostitute gets boiled and then frozen alive in a fish tank.

The bonkings in the fish tanks, we are told they are experiments but for what purpose fuck only knows.

The terrible twosome Dr.Renke and The Sergeant(Bald-Headed-Nasty-Nazi-Chap) Grand Guignol theatrical performances owes much to vaudeville - but all the better mind.

The Film; S.S Experiment Love Camp

(A.k.a Lager SSadis Kastrat Kommandantur / S.S Experiment Camp / Captive Women II – Orgy of the Damned / Le Camp des Filles Perdues / O Campo Nazi do Amor / Horreur Nazis / Kastrat Commandantur Satirlager 23 / SS Vrouwenkamp 1)

The Year; 1976

Director: Sergio Garrone

Director of Photography: Maurizio Centini

Editor: Cesare Bianchini

Music: Roberto Pregadio, Vasili Kojucharov

The Players;

Mircha Carven as Helmut

Giorgio Cerioni as Colonel von Kleiben

Paola Corazzi as Mirelle

Attilio Dottesio as Dr. Steiner

Patrizia Melega as Dr. Renke

Serafino Profumo as The Sergeant


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