June 25, 2006


Love Camp 7 was the brainchild of three pivotal characters in exploitation transmogrification. The film was directed by Lee Frost who had already demonstrated his fascistic talents with an s/m tinged ‘sequence’ in 1966’s Mondo Bizarro.

The film was written by Bob Cresse who was an alleged closet Nazi so therefore taking the lead role as the chief Commandment must have been a dream come true.

The couple had already collaborated together over a period of time and had had given the mack wearing brigade two pieces of other sleaze ‘The Scavengers’(1969) and ‘House on Bare Mountain (1962)’ so collaboratively they worked well enough to produce this notorious but rather flat ‘sadiconazista’ pioneer.

The third mention must be that of producer David F. Friedman who collaborated with Herschell Gordon Lewis on his gore fests ‘Blood feast’, ‘2000 Maniacs’ etc, etc. Friedman also brought one of the first ‘Hardcore’ feature films to the inquisitive ‘new sexual age’ with the eloquently titled ‘Seven into Snowy’.

For all things unthinkable that have been put onto screen we have a hell of a lot of gratitude to show for the man. Due to the success of Love Camp 7, which incidentally was still playing to drive-in audiences in the 1970’s. Mr.Friedman then went on to produce the one-step-further scandalous ‘Ilsa –She Wolf of the SS’ 6 years later which also done so well in Canada that it spawned three sequels. It’s a wonder a decent documentary about the guy hasn’t popped up on Channel 4 by now.

Another factor of this film was its correlation with the type of pornography popular in ‘Mens “Adult” Magazines’at the time, unfortunately in the 1960’s there was still a huge emphasis on misogynistic treatment on women. Crude photographs featured on the front covers of some men’s magazines featuring some buxom scantily clad women in bondage at the hands of her Gestapo persecutor. Such deviant thrills were quite commonplace and exceptionally marketable so it wasn’t long until this influenced celluloid.

These contributions created a stable of skin flick titled ‘The Roughie’, these jaded little pieces of history feature soft-core sex but with a hefty dosage, and at times, most realistic smatterings of sadomasochism and bondage. It was Mr. Friedman who had already adopted this cinematic trend previously to Love Camp 7 with ‘The Defilers (1965)’ a grubby piece smut mainly involving a girl kidnap and turned sex slave sort of crudity.

Other examples are the ‘Roberta Findlay’ ‘Flesh – Trilogy’ which feature prolonged flagellation and even sexual abuse via lobster claw and pincers, charming. I would imagine ‘Olga’s House of Shame’ and other offspring’s would feature much of the same, I have not seen these films but they make interesting reading and historical reference. Although some find women screeching and being knocked about entertaining it grates on my nerves after a while and then when the ‘talky plot’ bits happen I fall asleep. I think I may give them a miss for the time being but will not overrule their potential enjoyment and possible viewing for another time.

The only fundamental difference between these movies and Love Camp 7 was that they were contemporary and forays into corrupt 60’s psycho-sexual society and Love Camp 7 was set at a time of one of the worlds most darkest periods and therefore paved a whole new way of introducing sadomasochistic, bondage, burlesque and fascist fetishism to a whole new thrill seeking audience.

Love Camp 7 is the first but possibly one of the ‘weakest’ entries in the cycle. Although the abuse is constant we are fortunately spared the medical atrocities that unfolded in the ‘Ilsa’ films and Sadiconazista (see my article on this ages ago).

It’s very ‘grainy’ which somehow adds to the grimness throughout but the direction seems to be very basic as well as the interiors, mostly consisting of grey walled boxes with a bed chucked in for the obligatory rape sequences. Those scenes in themselves are a joke in themselves; the purpotraitor of the act keeps his trousers on at all times. If we didn’t have the grunt, groan. No, stop it, acoustics it is relegated to nothing more than dull rough soft-core sex.

There are a couple of ‘wincers’ though that sound worse than actually filmed, some inmate is straddled on a saw-horse until her crotch is lacerated. Worse sounding in print and in thought than in view -believe me. The other bit that did make me ‘ouch’ aloud was when Linda is tethered by her arms to the ceiling and ferociously whipped 360 degrees. Not only can contact be seen between the whip and the naked body but the wheal marks look most convincing as they timely appear.

But consent is consent and although the character isn’t having a ball the actors clearly are and neither looks as though they are out of their depth.

A closet Nazis fantasy comes true, a grubby little war pot-boiler or a spiteful little piece of exploitation? Whatever you decide you’re going to get from Love Camp 7, don’t expect too much.

Love Camp 7 remains banned in the United Kingdom but have noticed it popping up as a forthcoming on a rental site. Since the mass confusion on SS Experiment Camp being released in the U.K and it turned out to be a soft core Laura Gemser bit of smut I will wait until its out their in British consumer land. It’ll more than likely be cut to fuck anyway.

It could’ve reprieve from the censors and to be honest in such times it is a bit sluggish and tame for most of the part and seriously dated overall.

Despite these flaws however, it also makes a fascinating viewing and to witness something that opened up the floodgates.

Love Camp 7 – The Plot

London – The Present Day an ex Major is in congress with a potential backer. The American backer notices a military map on the wall that looks highly complex.

Another associate pipes up ‘If it wasn’t for this man we’d all be speaking German’. His thirst for more, well and truly activated prompts the ex-Major to recount how we played such a significant part in Allied victory.

In WW2 Dr.Schell was working on a jet fighter for the Nazis, he was being assisted by his Jewish accomplice Dr Martha Grossman. As long as Schell remains alive Grossman is protected. Dr Schell dies.

Without any shield of protection Grossman is accused of collaborating with the French Resistance and because of her sins against the Reich is sent to notorious ‘Love Camp 7’ (a place of total despair – tagline).

She still has vital information totally invaluable to the allied forces in order to get one over on Adolph.

Enter Grace and Linda WAC military personnel extraordinaire who volunteer to be incarcerated. Seek Martha Grossman obtain her secrets and with the help of the French resistance all bust out together.

Once arrested on enemy soil the two girls are taken to Love Camp 7 where they are informed they are whores for off duty officers and will serve the third Reich through pleasure. After being indoctrinated in the ethics of military prostitution the women are then witnesses to a catalogue of brutality against the inmates. Savage whippings, genital torture and 5 day rapes really are the day to day way of life at Love Camp 7.

Linda finds that Dr Grossman is still in the camp but is in a detention unit where prisoners are subjugated to agonising torture for disobedience. Linda kicks off and is whisked away. There she is at the mercy of the camps deranged con camp guard Klausmueller.

In a nasty piece of scuzz Linda is lashed several times until she passes out is then revived and further assault continues. After undergoing some pretty harsh suspended rope bondage she manages to find Dr.Grossman.

Unfortunately for Grace, Linda and Martha the French resistance fuck up big time and the three have to suffer further indignaties but after being severely degraded and lashed for several hours becoming a military prostitute may have a perk for our heroines.

After a severe bollocking by his Gestapo superior the
Camp Commandant is instructed that orgies and ‘entertainment’ will take place in his study as the troops are currently screwing in dire conditions compared to his ‘luxury’.

It is at the orgy that the girls take up arms and plan their escape resulting in a blood soaked ending and plenty of hysterics; Cresse steals the show weeping maniacally over a heap of dead bodies as he realises he is ‘emperor of nothing - only death’ .


The crude straddling horse torture and that severe whipping sequence – he bloody means that he does!!!!

Look out for David F. Friedmans appearance as a nasty Nazi, whats’ more ironic is in reality Mr Friedmans’ alleged Jewish background – the things we do for art !!!……

The Film;

Love Camp 7

(a.k.a Nazi love Camp 7 (Australia) / Camp 7: lager femminile (Italy)/ Erikoisleiri no 7 (Finnish)/)

Country of Origin:

Year of Production: 1968

Production Company: Olympic International

Producer: Bob Cresse

Associate Producer: Wesdon Bishop

Production Manager: Paul Wilmoth

Script: Wes Bishop, Bob Cresse

Story: R.W. Cresse

Director: R.L. Frost

Assistant Director: Stefan Zema

Director of Photography: R.L. Frost


R.W. Cresse ….. [Commandant]

Maria Lease ….. [Linda]

Kathy Williams.. [Grace]

Dave Friedman…[General]

John Riazzi

Louis Mazzarella

Larry Martinelli

Natasha Steel

Currently available as a fullframe transfer on the DVD Classics label. I believe this is a semi-bootleg but it does the trick print wise and audio. It is region 0 but I believe is scarce nowadays but I am certain a re-release will eventually take place. Exploitation Digital/Kitty could have a feast with this title and would make rather a nice guest for the other Sadiconazista movies available.


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