September 11, 2005


I feel it is time to start the reviews. They are not going to be alphabetical, they are not going to be biased, and I will try to be as informative, as entertaining and as thorough as possible.

There is a whole new generation of DVD/film exploitational releases waiting for a review and more selfishly for me waiting to see!

So far I anticipate a few Emmanuelle films arriving through the post shortly, SS Girls, Diabolik and no doubt a whole other clutch of obscurities. Enough to kick this site off and plenty in the pipeline, we will never have a famine of flix here at the celluloid teapot.

I will provide as much technical information as possible. Where possible I will notify of any alternatives or barbaric seamstressing.

Another thing I would like to add is any censorship news that is noteworthy, especially where the BBFC is concerned or our U.K nanny state. It will be primarily film focused though that does not mean alternative censorship news will be shied away from.

I'’ll have a go at shying away from being too opinionated but will find this at times, an impossibility. This counts both ways positively and negatively and will be clearly evident depending on which review.

Although this site is dedicated to the more exploitative variety of film this does not overrule examination of noteworthy television mipics (mini-epics) worth mentioning for their chill factor or exploitationally linked values.

Prepare to be cultivated, stimulated and captivated . . . . . .


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